Storage Cabinets


More Info About Storage Cabinets

Salsbury Industries offers storage cabinets in several configurations to meet your storage requirements. Constructed of 20 gauge steel, Salsbury storage cabinets are available in a gray, tan or black finish and are ideal for offices, garages, institutions and laboratories. Storage cabinet doors are 17" wide and include a 6" steel handle with a built in three (3) point locking mechanism with two (2) keys. Storage cabinets are available as 18” Standard, 24” Standard, Wardrobe, Combination and Counter Height styles. 18” and 24” Standard storage cabinets include four (4) adjustable shelves which can accommodate contents up to 180 pounds evenly distributed. Wardrobe storage cabinets are 24" deep and include an adjustable top shelf and a 34" wide coat rod. Combination storage cabinets are 24" deep and include four (4) adjustable 18" wide shelves, a 34" wide top shelf and a 16" wide coat rod that can accommodate garments. Counter Height storage cabinets are 18" deep and include two (2) adjustable shelves. Storage cabinets are available as unassembled or assembled units.