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Salsbury 15" Wide Single Tier Vented Metal Locker - 3 Wide - 6 Feet High - 15 Inches Deep

Model # 81365

$1255.00 - $ 1695.00

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45" W x 78" H x 15" D
155 lbs

More Information

Salsbury 81000 Series 15" Wide Single Tier Vented Metal Lockers


  • Constructed of 16 gauge steel
  • Ideal for health clubs, locker rooms, employee changing rooms, gyms and many other applications where visibility and maximum airflow is needed
  • 25% wider than 12" wide vented lockers
  • Available as unassembled or assembled (additional charge for assembled)
  • Feature a durable powder coated finish available in gray, tan or blue
  • Available in 6 foot height (add 6" for legs)
  • Units have a compartment size that is 15" wide, 72" high and 15" or 18" deep
  • Available as 1 wide or 3 wide units
  • Each locker compartment features an adjustable hat shelf and 3 wall hooks (the 18" deep lockers also include a coat rod)
  • Units include a lift up handle and recessed hasp for added security and can accommodate built-in combination or key locks and combination or key padlocks
  • Salsbury Industries is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and has excelled in the field of manufacturing since 1936


  • Sloping hoods, end bases and front bases
  • Corner, top and vertical fillers
  • Engraved name/number plates
  • Built-in combination or key locks
  • Combination or key padlocks
  • Lockers without legs



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