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Spa & Salon Lockers


More Info About Spa & Salon Lockers

Salsbury Industries manufactures designer lockers that are sleek, elegant, functional and durable. Do you have a spa, beauty or hair salon, or other space needing top-of-the-line, attractive lockers? No matter your requirements, Salsbury Industries delivers exceptional spa lockers in any size, color, material, and customization.

Types of Spa and Salon Lockers

We offer a wide range of locker solutions for spas and salons. Whether you need lockers made from plastic, metal, or wood, we have a solution for your business at an affordable price.

Our extensive collection of spa lockers can be custom-tailored to meet your needs. From installing brand-new lockers to replacing existing lockers, we have a diverse range of colors, styles, and features to suit your beauty salon and spa space.


Designer Wood Spa and Salon Lockers

The wood lockers by Salsbury Industries offer a sophisticated style that adds a professional ambiance to any spa or salon. The Designer wood lockers are beautifully crafted and come in various sizes, colors, and wood types. Choose from multiple durable high-pressure laminates, available in several colors, or opt for the elegant Salsbury’s premier wood lockers. Wood spa lockers are designed for durability and security. They are available in sizes 12”, 15”, 18”, and 24” but can also be customized.

Premier Wood Lockers and Salon Lockers

Salsbury Industries offers premier wood lockers for spas and salons in 12” wide, 15” wide, 18” wide, single tier, double tier, triple tier, four tier and box style options. The spa lockers are durable and maintain their natural charm with everyday use because they are constructed using the highest quality wood and materials. Create a luxurious and rich atmosphere with the premier wood lockers from Salsbury in arctic white, winter fog, carbon mesh, silver teak, red oak, and skyline walnut finishes.


Plastic Spa and Salon Lockers

Plastic spa and salon lockers are an excellent locker choice for long-term use. The plastic spa and salon lockers are highly functional, rust and corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean and sanitize. They are a great option for damp rooms and salon and spa environments. Available in 12” wide, double, triple, four, five, eight, and ten tiers. Constructed of high-grade plastic, these attractive spa lockers come in a selection of gray, tan, or blue finishes.

Custom Spa Lockers

Our spa and salon lockers are custom-designed to suit your unique space. Custom designer lockers can be ordered in any combination of one to seven tiers, five different heights (36", 48", 60", 72", and 84"), five widths (12", 15", 18", 21", and 24"), and five depths (12", 15", 18", 21", and 24"). These lockers are available in six standard designer colors (gray, blue, black, maple, cherry, and mahogany), or you can choose from a wide variety of custom colors. No matter what spa locker configuration, material, or color you desire, Salsbury Industries can manufacture precisely what you need.


Questions About Spa and Salon Lockers? Contact Us Today

Are you looking to design a spa or salon locker wall that perfectly matches your vision? If so, we can help you realize your dream with our top-quality lockers. Our team is highly skilled at creating and installing lockers that meet your space's needs. Contact us today to learn more and request a quote!

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Questions & Answers

Spa & Salon Lockers

What are the best lockers for a spa or salon?

Designer wood lockers are typically best for spa or salon environments, because they are great for bringing natural beauty to any environment. Wood lockers are elegant and they can adapt to any interior decor pattern.

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What are spa locker sizes?

Spa lockers vary in size and they can be from 12 to 18 inches wide. Lockers.com offers a wide variety of designer wood and plastic lockers that are perfect for spa locker rooms. Wood lockers are typically best for spa environments because they are great for bringing natural beauty to the locker room. Plastic lockers are waterproof and extremely durable, they are also easy to clean and are mold resistant.

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Do I need benches in a day spa locker room?

Locker rooms are required to have an accessible bench with a clear floor space that is ADA compliant. A locker room bench that is between 20 and 24 inches deep and at least 42 inches long is considered ADA compliant.

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What types of locks can be used for spa and salon lockers?

Spa and salon lockers come in a variety of designs, some with built-in locks that require a key or combination, and others with a space where a padlock can be placed. There are plenty of locks that will work well for salon lockers including padlocks, built-in locks, electronic locks and more.

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