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Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Purchasing New Lockers
Feb 24, 2023
There are many reasons you might be looking to purchase new lockers—perhaps you need them for your school hallways or locker rooms, or you’re a business owner looking to install some workplace lockers. No matter what type of locker you’re looking for, you’ve likely realized that the search is...
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Choosing the Best Metal Lockers for Your Gym
Dec 20, 2021
As any gym owner knows, choosing the right equipment for your gym is essential. Not only does high-quality equipment help to bolster your gym’s reputation, but it also enables your patrons to get the most out of their gym session. That said, when it comes to selecting the right equipment for your gym...
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The Best Warehouse Lockers for Storing Items During Work Hours
Dec 20, 2022
As we’ve discussed on this blog before, lockers are no longer just for schools and gyms. Workplace lockers have become increasingly common, and for good reason. They provide a secure place for employees to keep their belongings during work hours. One type of workplace that benefits greatly from...
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What Lock is best for Your Lockers?
Oct 31, 2022
Although we don’t like to admit it, even the safest schools, offices, and gyms have a certain amount of theft. Most districts start requiring locks on their hallway lockers in Middle schools for this very purpose. Putting the best locks on your preferred lockers offers security...
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What Types of Lockers Does Salsbury Industries Sell?
Jan 20, 2022
A locker is a storage compartment that is typically locked and strategically grouped with other lockers. Most Americans have seen or used a locker in their lifetimes, but few have purchased lockers for their home, business, or organization. As a result, determining what lockers are best for your situation...
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The Best Cell Phone Lockers for Your Classroom
Jun 23, 2022
Cell phones are wondrous pieces of technology. Not only can we use them to make calls, but for timers, alarms, messaging, browsing the Internet, and more. These phones can become a huge distraction during school hours. Teachers are constantly battling students’ cell phones for their students’...
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Architectural Resources for Lockers
Nov 18, 2021
When tasked with the job of designing a new locker room, school, or other facility that requires lockers it’s necessary to have the right information needed to get the job done properly. This information consists of BIM Models, Product Specifications (SPECS), Technical Drawings and other product...
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The Best Wood Lockers for Your Gym
Sep 07, 2022
A lot of gym owners overlook the importance of the lockers in the locker room. But they are the first and last part of the gym that your guests will see. The lockers play a profound role in the impression your guests will have of the gym as a whole, so it is pivotal that they are both aesthetically.
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Why Use Plastic Lockers for Swimming Pools
Jul 21, 2022
Pools are often warm, high-humidity environments. These climate elements can quickly have adverse effects on the state of lockers you install for visitors to store their possessions. To avoid making a lasting bad impression on people who come to use your pool, it is often helpful to use plastic lockers...
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Salsbury Industries Fast Delivery of Metal, Wood, and Plastic Lockers
Jun 02, 2022
These days, supply chain issues have slowed down delivery times for most consumer products. This is a huge inconvenience for customers. They are kept waiting and waiting for their orders. If you are in the market for lockers, you will be glad to know that Salsbury Industries can guarantee fast delivery...
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6 Essential Workplace Lockers Every Company Can Use
Apr 19, 2022
When a lot of employers think of lockers, schools and gyms come to mind. But workplace lockers for employees have become more and more common in recent years. Since employees have a dedicated space for their belongings, you’ll have a more organized and clutter-free workplace. This in turn...
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Should I Order My Lockers Assembled or Unassembled?
Mar 15, 2022
We’re often asked if it’s better to purchase lockers assembled or unassembled. And the truth is, there is no right or wrong answer. Every customers needs are different and you will find advantages to purchasing assembled and advantages to purchasing unassembled. The decision is going to come...
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