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What Types of Lockers Does Salsbury Industries Sell?

January 20, 2022

Diverse Solutions For Secure Storage

A locker is a storage compartment that is typically locked and strategically grouped with other lockers.  Most Americans have seen or used a locker in their lifetimes, but few have purchased lockers for their home, business, or organization. As a result, determining what lockers are best for your unique situation can be complicated. That’s why we’re offering you the information you need to make an educated decision. 

Whether you need lockers for a school, government facility, commercial office, athletic facility, or retail location, we’ve got solutions for you. We offer a diverse range of lockers, allowing you to customize your locker installation.  Before you shop, consider the following. 

What Locker Styles Are Available?

To achieve the best outcomes with your locker selection, you must understand the differences between the available locker styles. Here are some of your options. 


Standard Metal Lockers

A standard metal locker uses the traditional metal locker design, featuring a short column of vents at the top and bottom of the locker. Paneling is solid throughout the rest of the locker, ensuring that passerby cannot see the contents of the lockers. These lockers are compatible with padlocks, and the vents allow for continuous airflow. Standard metal lockers come in various widths, ranging from 12 to 18 inches. 

Vented Metal Lockers 

Our vented metal lockers feature a diamond shaped vented design on the front and side panels. This design doesn’t impede vision into the lockers, making them effectively see-through. Vented metal lockers are ideal for facilities that desire increased visibility over standard metal lockers. Airflow is another point of consideration, as vented metal lockers allow more air in than standard metal lockers. With these characteristics, vented metal lockers are best used in moist areas, like gyms and other facilities located with pool access. They are also great for storing wet items, like gym clothes and used towels. Our vented metal lockers are available in several widths, ranging from 12 to 15 inches. 



See-Through Metal Lockers

Sometimes, increased visibility is necessary to ensure security within a locker area. See-through metal lockers provide additional visibility because they feature a transparent polycarbonate window that offers a clear view of items stored within the lockers. The windows are composed of high-strength material. Therefore it isn’t easy to break them. There are numerous lock options for see-through metal lockers and they often offer additional features, like coat hooks and hat shelves. Consider purchasing our see-through metal lockers if you’re interested in protecting your customers, guests, or employees against theft while also ensuring that illegal substances aren’t stored on your property. 

Open Access and Gear Metal Lockers

Consider purchasing open access and gear metal lockers from Lockers.com if you need more versatile locker solutions. These lockers double as seating and storage options, as they feature ample space that can be used to store items or seat guests. If these lockers are used for seating, footlocker compartments also provide additional storage space. If they aren’t being used for seating, the open access and extra features, like coat hooks, make gear lockers ideal for storing bulky outdoor gear. 

Don’t be misled by the term “open access”; gear lockers still feature lockable compartments that can be used to store valuables securely. Open access and gear lockers are also available in various styles, including solid metal and vented options. 



Wood Lockers

Wood lockers are best suited for establishments that want aesthetically pleasing locker installations that still offer optimal security for stored items. At Lockers.com, you can find wood lockers in various styles, including designer options. Our essential wood lockers are covered with durable high-pressure laminate, and there are several colors to choose from. The width of our wood lockers ranges from 12 inches to 18 inches, so there are plentiful options to choose from. Like all of our lockers, the wooden options can be locked using padlocks.

Plastic Lockers

Our plastic locker selection is suitable for your needs if you are looking for impact-resistant, highly durable lockers. Plastic lockers are built using high-grade plastic that is dent and scratch-resistant. These lockers are also resistant to humidity and moisture, making them perfect for use in damp areas that are more likely to encourage mold growth and rusting in metal lockers. All of our plastic lockers are 12 inches wide. 


Our Locker Options

Our inventory of lockers is organized based on the best use case for each design. To find the best lockers for your specific purposes, continue reading this section. 


High School and Middle School Lockers

There are a few factors to consider when choosing lockers for a high school or middle school. First, think about how many students will be using the lockers. This will dictate the number of tiers you need. Also, consider what will be stored in the lockers. Each school is different, so the necessary locker space varies depending on what students need to carry. 

High schools and middle schools also use lockers for different purposes. While some are slated for general use, others are used to store items during physical education classes. Multi-tiered vented metal lockers are often more appropriate for gym locker rooms because the airflow offered by these designs will keep sweat from causing odor buildup. Standard metal lockers work best for general use because they provide students the space and features they need to easily store books, devices, coats, shoes, and a variety of other everyday items. 

Government and Military Lockers

Government facilities and military bases must offer employees and visitors a safe place to store their personal items and equipment. On military bases and at police stations, lockers should provide immediate access to weapons and gear. In addition to quick and easy access, these facilities demand lockers that allow staff to seamlessly control assets within their facility. For these purposes, vented metal lockers are often ideal. This locker style offers security while also enabling full visibility of the lockers’ contents. We offer vented metal lockers in 12- and 15-inch wide designs, including single, double, triple, and four-tier configurations. 

Beyond police and military use cases, lockers can also be useful in jails, courthouses, and hospitals. For example, jails use lockers to secure inmates’ possessions until their release, and courthouses frequently use metal cell phone lockers to store electronic devices during court proceedings. Similarly, hospitals need secure places to store patient possessions during long-term treatment. Our diverse selection of customizable lockers can be fitted for all government and military needs.



Commercial Office Lockers 

Commercial offices typically employ large numbers of individuals who need a secure area to store their belongings. Employee lockers come in several shapes and styles, and the most suitable locker varies from situation to situation. Proper planning is a definite must if you hope to fit your storage solutions to the needs of your users.  Consider the available installation space and the volume of users reliant on the lockers. If you purchase lockers that are too small, employees will struggle to fit their items into the limited space. Likewise, lockers that are too large will waste space that could be used for other purposes. 

The intended use of commercial locker systems includes storage of personal articles of clothing, work-related supplies and tools, and personal electronics. To ensure that items are safe and secure, think about where the lockers will be installed before making a selection. If the workspace is known to be damp or humid, vented metal or solid plastic lockers may be ideal. Wood lockers are a desirable option for offices that require a more aesthetically pleasing locker installation. Think closely about how your commercial office lockers will be used, then make an informed decision based on your observations. 

Retail Lockers and Food Service Lockers

Lockers can store employee belongings in restaurants, kitchens, retail locations, and supermarkets. Lockers are an appropriate solution if employees have possessions they don’t want to keep on their person during their shift. If you’re concerned about theft security, our see-through metal lockers feature a window that allows complete visual access to the contents of the lockers. We also have heavy-duty plastic lockers that can withstand moist conditions that aren’t suitable for metal lockers. When you buy our plastic lockers, you can also trust that they will be capable of withstanding daily use over prolonged periods. This is important because retail environments are often fast-paced, meaning users may not have the time to be gentle with the lockers. 



Spa and Salon Lockers

When patrons visit spas and salons, they typically need a place to store their possessions while they are being served. These lockers may be used to securely store purses, bags, clothes, electronic devices, and more. But another factor you need to consider is visual appeal. This is especially true for spas, where guests are more likely to judge their experience based on the overall aesthetic of the establishment. If you are concerned with the look and feel of your spa or salon lockers, Lockers.com has a diverse selection of designer wood lockers to choose from. In addition, these lockers come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you have the ability to customize your establishment’s locker room. 

Locker Room and Athletic Lockers

Athletes usually change out of their street clothing before practice and sporting events. Therefore, athletic facilities need to have a secure place to store articles of clothing and other possessions, like electronic devices. The standard metal and vented metal lockers we sell are suited for this purpose, though they aren’t the only lockers that athletic facilities may need. 

Open access lockers can be used to store bulky equipment that wouldn’t fit in tighter storage spaces. They also offer users the option to use the locker for seating. Though, if you want additional locker room seating, we also have an assortment of locker benches available. The locker benches we sell are available in aluminum and wood designs. 


Commercial Lockers For Sale

Secure lockers can offer your employees, students, or patrons peace of mind as they spend time in your facility. First, assess the needs of your business thoroughly, then browse our immense catalog of customizable locker designs. Once you’ve selected a desirable set of lockers and made your purchase, we’ll ship directly to you. If there are any problems throughout the transaction, trust Salsbury Industries to work with you until you are completely satisfied. 

Request a quote on high-quality lockers by calling 1-800-562-5377 or using this form.