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Metal Lockers


More Info About Metal Lockers

Salsbury Industries carries a complete line of metal lockers that are designed for heavy duty use and storage. Metal lockers are constructed of 16-gauge steel and are available in single tier, double tier, triple tier, six tier box style, box style bridge, extra wide single tier, extra wide double tier and extra wide triple tier lockers. Metal lockers are available as Standard Metal Lockers, Extra Wide Standard Metal Lockers, Vented Metal Lockers, Extra Wide Vented Metal Lockers and in a variety of additional products.

Unassembled metal lockers typically ship within 24 to 48 hours and are a great option when lockers are needed on site quickly. We also offer professional, expert and timely assembly of lockers.

Metal lockers are used for a variety of applications such as employee lockers, school lockers, student lockers, restaurant lockers, day care lockers, pool lockers, gym lockers, country club lockers, fire department lockers, police lockers, apartment lockers and home lockers.


Different Types of Salsbury Metal Storage Lockers

Salsbury metal storage lockers are built to last and come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes for each customer’s individual preferences.

At Lockers.com, we offer four different metal locker styles to choose from, including:

No matter what the industry, our metal lockers will provide uncompromised durability. Salsbury’s 12” wide standard metal lockers are constructed of 16-gauge steel for optimal stability. For increased ventilation, opt for the Salsbury open access & gear metal lockers that are ideal for police and fire departments, as well as high school and college athletic facilities, and more.


Metal Locker Room Lockers

Salsbury’s metal lockers are designed for every locker room space, no matter the size. Our variety of metal locker room lockers are built to accommodate the needs of your facility. From gyms and athletic facilities, to health spas, medical centers, and police departments, we’ve got the high-quality, durable design to meet your needs.

Gym Metal Lockers

Our standard metal lockers are designed to appeal to the needs of any locker room facility. Gyms, health spas, and medical centers require durability, low-maintenance, and additional security for personal items, which is why each of our high-quality standard metal lockers can be customized to fit your facility’s design.

Choose from clean, neutral colors like tan, gray, or blue to fit your design.

Our popular gym metal lockers, include:​


Metal Athletic Lockers

Our see-through and open access & gear metal lockers are ideal for both athletic and professional locker rooms, providing both accessibility and privacy for players who need to grab their items and go.

Sports like basketball, football, and baseball team also require additional space for equipment, clothing, and gear, which is why we recommend our popular, high-quality metal athletic locker options, including:

Metal Lockers for Sale

Salsbury Industries offers a complete line of metal lockers for sale. Our large inventory of all metal lockers ensures fast shipping (most orders ship within 1-2 business days). You can order your Salsbury metal lockers via our customer service department or online. Most bulk order sales are usually processed through our quote system. You can submit a quote by phone or online by clicking Bulk Order Requests.

If you have any questions regarding our metal lockers, please reach out to us via email, online chat, or our toll-free number at 1-800-624-5269. Take advantage of our current sale on all metal lockers this month and call us today! 

Questions About Metal Lockers? Contact Us Today

For nearly a century, Salsbury has both manufactured and distributed high-quality products for customers all over the U.S. As the industry leader in providing metal lockers for industries, including sports organizations, health spas, medical facilities, and police departments, we’re here to build you your perfect locker room.

For more information on metal lockers or to request a quote, please contact us today! 

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Questions & Answers

Metal Lockers

How do metal lockers work?

Metal lockers are commonly used because they are highly durable and function as a convenient storage solution. There are different types of metal lockers on the market, but each offers a similar function — providing a lockable space for a person's possessions. Metal lockers typically feature a compartment that can be locked using several mechanisms. Some require a padlock, while others rely on combination locks and electronic locking devices built into the locker. 

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What metal is used for lockers?

The majority of metal lockers are constructed using cold-rolled steel. This material is highly durable and can be painted with ease to provide years of trouble free service.

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Where to buy metal lockers?

Lockers.com has a large selection of metal lockers including standard metal lockers, vented metal lockers and see-through metal lockers. Depending on what type of metal lockers you need for your project, Lockers.com has the right metal locker in stock and ready to ship to your facilities.

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What is the lead time for metal lockers?

Lockers.com has most metal lockers in stock and available for immediate shipment.  Professional factory assembly is also available and those assembled lockers usually ship within one to two weeks.

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Do metal lockers come assembled?

Metal lockers are available as unassembled and assembled units.  Lockers.com offers professional factory assembly using heavy duty rivets for all metal lockers.

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What locks can be used on metal lockers?

Metal lockers typically accommodate padlock style locks.  Many lockers can also be used with built-in keyed, combination and electronic locks.

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Why do metal lockers have vents?

Ventilation is an essential aspect of the locker design because the vents allow air to flow freely through the lockers to minimize moisture and odors.

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What are the different types of metal lockers?

Metal locker designs include louvered standard metal lockers, vented metal lockers, see-through metal lockers, and open access metal gear lockers. Each serves a unique purpose that is specific to its design. 

Vented lockers offer maximum ventilation, while standard metal lockers provide more privacy. See-through metal lockers allow staff to see into the lockers clearly to detect items that should not be there, and open access lockers provide easy access with substantial space for bulky items.

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How do you assemble metal lockers on your own?

Unassembled metal lockers include the fasteners and installation instructions to assemble lockers in the field. For a comprehensive list of applicable metal locker assembly instructions, visit our installation instructions page.

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