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Cell phone lockers are ideal for health clubs, government facilities, schools, universities, military bases and high security locations. Salsbury Industries offers a complete line of quality cell phone lockers for safe and secure storage of cell phones, tablet PCs, wallets, keys and other small valuables. Cell phone lockers are available as surface mounted or recessed mounted units. Surface mounted cell phone lockers mount directly to a surface whereas recessed mounted cell phone locker units fit into a rough opening and are secured with mounting hardware through the back or side panels. Cell phone lockers can also be purchased as a free standing unit if you buy an enclosure paired with a recessed mounted unit. Other options for the unit include keyed locks, combination locks, resettable locks, door identification, enclosures, pedestals and door slots. Cell phone lockers are available in aluminum, bronze and sandstone and most items are in stock and ship within a few business days.




Cell Phone Lockers for the Workplace


Cell phone lockers can help keep the work place on task by limiting distractions during work hours. Salsbury Industries offers a complete line of cell phone lockers for employees. These cell phone lockers can be located in employee break rooms and changing areas. Products are also available for use in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, retail locations, offices and other locations where employees can store their belongings. 






Cell Phone Storage 


Cell phone storage unit compartments are available with combination or keyed locks. The combination lockers can be set with a fixed combination or reset after each use. A master control key is included to override any combination. The front access panel opens the entire unit. A clear plastic card holder is used for identification of each compartment (cards included).  Custom identification systems are also available.







Cell Phone Lockers for Schools and Colleges


Today, cell phones have become so much more than just a communication device; they provide users access to a number of applications, schedules, timers, messaging tools and other features that can easily distract a student in school. The best way to cut down on the use and distraction of cell phones in schools is to simply store them in a safe and secure cell phone storage locker. 


Cell phone lockers are ideal for use in schools to accommodate student and staff cell phones, tablets, wallets, cameras, keys and other small valuable items. Available in 7 and-5-door-high units, cell phone lockers safely and securely store personal items that need to be safely locked up during school hours. Salsbury cell phone lockers are made entirely of aluminum and can be surface mounted or recessed mounted in the wall.









Cell Phone Lockers for Sale

Buy your cell phone lockers factory direct from Salsbury Industries. Most orders ship within one to two business days and volume discounts are available. Our customer service team is available to assist you with your order so call today! 





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