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High School Lockers


More Info About High School Lockers

Salsbury Industries offers a complete line of quality lockers for High Schools. Our High School Lockers are available for new installation and replacement. Salsbury High School Lockers are available in a variety of styles and colors to meet your school requirements. With our large inventory, most units are in stock and ship within a few days. If you’d like to learn more about our High School Lockers please call us direct at 1-800-LOCKERS. 



Types of High School Lockers


Salsbury Industries offers a wide variety of High School Lockers designed to fit your school requirements. Our products include single tier 6’ H standard lockers, double tier 6’ H standard lockers, triple tier 6’ H standard lockers, box style 6’ H standard lockers, extra wide standard lockers, vented lockers, extra wide vented lockers, open access lockers and cell phone lockers. Our standard metal lockers are often used in corridors or hallways. Both vented style lockers, which allow better airflow and visibility, and our open access lockers, which provide more space, are often utilized in school locker rooms. Cell phone lockers are ideal for use in schools to accommodate student and staff cell phones, tablets, wallets, cameras, keys and other small valuable items. Salsbury High School Lockers are available as assembled and unassembled and come in a blue, gray or tan powder coated finish. 






How big are High School Lockers


Salsbury High School lockers can be purchased as 12”, 15”, 18” or 24” wide and 12”, 15” and 18” deep. Most units are sold as 6’ high, however 5’ high lockers are also available. Salsbury lockers are available in 1 wide or 3 wide configurations and multiple compartment styles. You can choose a configuration of single tier, double tier, triple tier, four tier or box style lockers.  







School lockers with combination locks


Salsbury standard lockers, vented lockers and standard gear metal lockers are available with a built-in combination lock. If you order assembled school lockers with combination locks, the lockers will arrive on site with the combination lock built in. If you order unassembled school lockers, the combination locks are packaged separately and can be easily installed on the lockers. We provide installation instruction in PDF and video format to help you properly install the combination locks.  







School lockers for sale


Salsbury Industries is the industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of school lockers. With our large inventory and quick delivery, we make purchasing school lockers easy and efficient. We provide volume discounts on our metal lockers and have a call center available to assist you with any additional questions.  








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