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Police & Fire Station Lockers


More Info About Police & Fire Station Lockers

Salsbury Industries carries a wide selection of high-quality metal lockers that are ideal for police and fire station storage. Our police & fire station locker options are designed to be heavy duty, expertly protecting your valuables and preventing unnecessary damage.

Not sure what type of metal lockers you’re looking for? Our police and fire station lockers include Standard LockersExtra Wide Standard LockersVented LockersExtra Wide Vented LockersOpen Access LockersStandard Gear LockersDesigner Open Access Lockers and Designer Gear Lockers. And for added convenience, we also offer a typical shipping time of 24 to 48 hours for our unassembled metal lockers, which means you don’t have to wait long for your storage solution.

Police Lockers

At Salsbury Industries, our metal and wood storage lockers are designed to be high quality and durable for additional safety and protection, available in a variety of colors and styles to fit into each customer’s design preferences.

At Lockers.com, we offer four different, customizable police station locker options to choose from, including:

  • Wide standard metal lockers
  • Wide vented metal lockers
  • Wide open access standard metal lockers
  • Wide standard gear metal lockers
  • Wide-open access designer wood lockers

Whether you’re looking to store long-term clothing items, equipment, or food items, the police locker options available at Salsbury Industries have you covered. We don’t compromise on construction, delivering durable and reliable lockers that promises ultimate stability.


Fire Station Lockers

Shop fire station lockers that match your aesthetic and accurately accommodate your storage needs – no matter what they are. Our fire station lockers are expertly built to store large materials and equipment, giving you the freedom and security to store a wide array of items.

For increased ventilation, opt for the Salsbury open access & gear metal lockers as they offer the high-quality construction and space to properly store items such as:

  • Personal items (clothing, gym bags, lunch boxes)
  • Uniform
  • Extinguisher
  • Firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Headgear


Metal Police and Fire Station Lockers

Police and fire stations often have a simple, but clean aesthetic, which is why our metal lockers are the perfect addition to any station. Because our metal lockers are low maintenance and durable, employees can feel confident securing their personal and professional belongings in the lockers at all time.

We also offer personalized design options for each of our metal lockers. Choose from clean, neutral colors like tan, gray, or blue to fit any aesthetic.

Our popular police & fire station metal lockers, include:

Police and Fire Gear Lockers

Our see-through and open access & gear metal lockers are perfect for police and fire stations as it provides the ideal accessibility and visibility for individuals and teams who want to maintain a view of their items.

For police officers and firefighters, the ability to grab items and go is a must-have, which is why we recommend our popular, high-quality see-through and open access metal athletic locker options, including:

Questions About Police and Fire Station Lockers? Contact us Today

Salsbury has continued to be the manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, durable lockers for customers all over the U.S. As well as being an industry leader for providing premium locker and storage solutions for police and fire stations, Lockers.com also partners with a variety of industries, including athletics, health spas, and medical facilities.

Let us help you build your perfect police and fire station storage solution today.

For more information on police and fire station metal lockers or to request a quote, please contact our team!

FAQ Categories

Questions & Answers

Police & Fire Station Lockers

What are the best lockers for police stations?

Police stations often need a variety of lockers for different facilities. Standard metal lockers work well in the common police locker room but an open access metal locker would be ideal for facilities that house more heavy equipment.

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What should I keep in my police locker?

A police locker can be used to store a variety of items and there are different styles to accommodate your storage needs. A standard metal locker will work well for common possessions like a change of clothing or shoes. A vented locker works well for equipment like firearms and ammunition because they offer visibility and will still securely store items.

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What kind of fire station lockers are there?

There is a wide range of lockers that are ideal for fire station locker rooms. Standard metal lockers offer a safe concealed place for storing items. Vented metal lockers are good for providing ventilation for items that may still be damp when stored and give them proper airflow to dry completely.

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Do I need benches in a police station locker room?

Locker rooms are required to have an accessible bench with a clear floor space that is ADA compliant. A locker room bench that is between 20 and 24 inches deep and at least 42 inches long is considered ADA compliant.

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What types of locks can be used for police and fire station lockers?

Fire station lockers come in a variety of designs, some with built-in locks that require a key or combination, and others with a space where a padlock can be placed. There are plenty of locks that will work well for police and fire station lockers including padlocks, built-in locks, electronic locks and more.

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