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Storage Lockers


More Info About Storage Lockers

For business managers and school leaders, investing in storage lockers is a great way to reduce clutter and establish a productive and professional environment.


Storage lockers make it easy to keep your personal belongings and valuable business equipment safe, even when you’re on the go. They improve the quality of life day-to-day for students and employees, and they can reduce or eliminate back problems associated with carrying heavy purses and backpacks all day long.


All our storage lockers are durable and designed for daily use. We’ve been in the manufacturing industry since 1936, and have learned how to make long-lasting products that offer security and peace of mind. With the right lockers, storage is easy.


Our storage lockers are found in a wide variety of settings, as they are versatile, secure, and easy to use. Salsbury storage lockers are ideal for use in gyms, sports centers, schools, spa’s, police and fire stations, food and retail, country clubs, government and military facilities and more.




Lockers for Schools


Storage lockers are a great feature of most high schools, that provide students with the secure space they need to store their textbooks, personal possessions, and school equipment. They come in various sizes to accommodate all students; larger units can also meet the needs of athletes and musicians. Choose from tan, gray, and blue to add an air of sophistication or bring your hallways to life; decorate to rev up school spirit and give your students locker spaces they’re proud to call their own.


Take a look at our dedicated high school lockers page to learn more.







Lockers for Businesses


Saving space and creating a productive environment are priorities in almost any business setting. Clean, clear desks can help employees focus, and prevent them from feeling overwhelmed. That’s why so many business leaders invest in storage lockers for the personal use of their staff. In addition, storage lockers can be used to keep important files, documents and equipment safe and secure







Storage Lockers with Built-In Security


Optional padlocks and built-in locks are available upon request, depending on your needs. Padlocks can be added by individual locker users, while choosing optional padlocks with your purchase ensures that some don’t have greater security measures than others. Built-in locks ensure that no one goes without, they can’t be removed and can’t go missing.







Storage Locker Types and Sizes


Various types of lockers are available to best meet a wide range of needs. Here are a few of our most popular solutions:

Standard metal lockers are 12 inches wide, but they are available in a range of sizes, including 15” 18” and 24” in width. Lockers also vary in height and depth to meet a wide range of needs.


From standard lockers to double tier, triple tier, and extra-wide lockers, we have plenty of options available. Cell phone storage lockers are our smallest solution, ideal for exam halls, military, governmental and other high-security environments.


Storage Lockers for Sale

We are proud to provide exceptional storage lockers that are trusted by customers like you across a variety of industries. We have a wide range of storage lockers for sale to suit your unique school or business needs. Call and talk to one of our experts to determine the best solution for your setting, or request a quote today.







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Storage Lockers

Are storage lockers assembled?

Metal storage lockers are available as unassembled and assembled units.  Lockers.com offers professional factory assembly using heavy duty rivets for all metal lockers.

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How big are storage lockers?

Standard metal storage lockers are 12 inches wide, but they are available in a range of sizes, including 15", 18" and 24" in width. Lockers also vary in height and depth to meet a wide range of needs.

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What are the best storage lockers?

The best storage lockers are the 24" standard gear metal lockers offered by Salsbury Industries. These lockers are quite spacious and allow users to easily store large objects. If, instead you need to store a smaller variety of objects, the 12"-18" variety of standard metal lockers may be more appropriate for your needs.

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What type of lockers can be used for storage lockers?

The best lockers for storage are lockers that are durable and resistant to damage. Therefore, metal and plastic lockers are the best choice. Any locker, however, can be used for storage, as this is their primary function. Storage lockers come in a variety of designs, some with built-in locks that require a key or combination, and others with a space where a padlock can be placed. There are plenty of locks that will work well for storage lockers, including; Padlocks, combination locks, digital locks and more.

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