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Gym & Fitness Club Lockers


More Info About Gym & Fitness Club Lockers

Salsbury Industries has a complete line of quality lockers for gyms. The gym lockers for sale we offer are available for new installations and replacements, available in a variety of styles and colors, and they will meet your gym requirements. Most units are in stock and ship within a few days. Our quality, high-end gym lockers include designer gym lockers, extra-wide designer lockers, custom gym lockers, vented lockers, extra wide vented lockers, plastic gym lockers, wooden gym lockers, and gym cell phone lockers.

Different Types of Gym Lockers

Salsbury’s gym lockers are perfect for customers in need of modern gym lockers that provide top security for the stored goods of their gym members. Our gym lockers come in a wide range of designs like standard metal lockers, designer wood gym lockers, open access lockers, and luxury gym lockers. Each locker type works differently when it comes to providing security, ventilation, and privacy.

Metal Gym Lockers

Our quality metal gym lockers are built with 16-gauge steel for heavy duty use and storage, something that is crucial when it comes to commercial gym lockers. They are available in single tier, double tier, triple tier, six tier box style, box style bridge, extra wide single tier, extra wide double tier, and extra wide triple tier sizes. The metal gym lockers we provide include standard metal lockers, extra wide standard metal lockers, vented metal lockers, and more.

We also offer professional, expert, and timely assembly of lockers, if needed. Our metal gym lockers are used for a variety of applications, for health and fitness clubs, country clubs, pools, and other athletic venues. You can choose from clean, neutral colors like tan, gray, or blue to fit your gym’s design.


Our popular gym metal lockers, include:

In addition to gyms, locker rooms for sports like basketball, football, and baseball also require additional space for equipment, clothing, and sporting gear, which is why we recommend the following popular, high-quality metal gym locker options:

Wood Gym Lockers

Salsbury Industries carries a complete line of quality gym wood lockers that will give your gym a sleek, professional appearance. The gym wooden lockers we offer are made with durable materials and are available in many tiers, including single, double, triple, and four tier. In addition, our box style designer wood lockers include multiple locker doors that are stacked, efficiently allowing you to add more lockers per square foot.

Our designer wood gym lockers are offered in a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes. Constructed of industrial grade particleboard and covered with high-pressure laminate, designer wood lockers come in six attractive colors and five different sizes, including:


Plastic Gym Lockers

Our plastic gym lockers are made with water-resistant materials, come with stainless steel hinges, and they’re designed for optimal storage. They are available in many different sizes, including double, triple, four, eight, and ten tiers to one wide and three wide configurations. Our plastic gym lockers are a great choice for gyms looking for nice, modern designs and they come in neutral colors like gray, blue, and tan.

Choose from our most popular plastic gym locker options:

Cell Phone Gym Lockers

Any great gym locker room should include cell phone gym lockers that will keep the cell phones of members safe and secure. Our quality line of cell phone gym lockers, available in aluminum, bronze, and sandstone, are excellent for the storage of cell phones, tablets, wallets, keys, and other smaller goods. Our gym cell phone lockers are available as surface mounted or recessed mounted units. Surface mounted cell phone lockers mount directly to a surface and recessed mounted gym cell phone lockers are secured with mounting hardware through the back or side panels of a rough opening.


Custom Gym Lockers

Many customers come to us in need of custom gym lockers for their gyms. We make them with industrial grade particleboard, and they’re covered with durable high-pressure laminate. Salsbury 30000C series custom designer lockers are perfect for gym settings where a professional look is desired.  Ranging from one to seven (7) tiers, custom designer lockers can be ordered in any combination of five (5) heights (36", 48", 60", 72" and 84"), five (5) widths (12", 15", 18", 21" and 24") and five (5) depths (12", 15", 18", 21" and 24").  Our custom designer gym lockers are available in six (6) standard designer colors, including gray, blue, black, maple, cherry, and mahogany, as well as a wide variety of custom colors, with a minimum order of fifteen (15) frames.

Gym Lockers for Sale

Salsbury Industries offers a complete line of gym lockers for sale. Our large inventory of all gym lockers ensures fast shipping (most orders ship within 1-2 business days). You can purchase your Salsbury gym lockers via our website or customer service department. Most bulk order sales are usually processed through our quote system. You can submit a quote by phone or online by clicking Bulk Order Requests.

If you have any questions about our gym lockers please contact us via email, online chat or toll free at 1-800-624-5269. All gym lockers are on sale this month, so call today!

Questions About Gym Lockers? Contact Us Today

Since we began manufacturing in 1936, Salsbury has been a leader in manufacturing and distributing high-quality products that fit the needs and budget of every client. Our extensive gym locker products provide our customers with everything they need to build the perfect gym.

For more information on our gym lockers or to request a quote, please contact us today.

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Questions & Answers

Gym & Fitness Club Lockers

What type of lockers are used in gyms?

Gym lockers come in a variety of designs like standard metal lockers, designer wood lockers, open access lockers, and gear lockers. Each locker type works differently when it comes to providing security, ventilation, and privacy. For example open access lockers provide a wider space for more ventilation while standard metal lockers provide enclosed compartments for added security.

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What is the average size of a gym locker?

The average locker sizes are typically 12 inches in width with an 18 inch depth and 72 inch height. However, there are lockers that fall outside these dimensions, like open access and gear metal lockers that are 24 inches wide.

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What is the best lock for a gym locker?

Gym lockers support a variety of locking mechanisms. Padlocks, built in locks and electronic locks are some of the most common locking mechanisms for gym lockers. 

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How do you use a digital lock at the gym?

Gym members can use digital locks that allow individuals to use their own codes to lock their lockers. Lockers.com offers digital locks that are programmable and allow for single-use or multi-use applications.

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Do open access lockers have seating areas?

Yes, open access lockers can also be used for seating.  Lockers.com offers 24" wide open access metal and wood lockers that come in a variety of finishes and feature a seating area within the locker.

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Do I need benches in a gym locker room?

Locker rooms are required to have an accessible bench with a clear floor space that is ADA compliant. A locker room bench that is between 20 and 24 inches deep and at least 42 inches long is considered ADA compliant.

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