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Retail Lockers & Food Service Lockers


More Info About Retail Lockers & Food Service Lockers

Salsbury Industries offers a complete selection of high-quality lockers for retail and food service applications, including Standard Bridge Lockers, See-Through Bridge Lockers, Standard Box Lockers, See-Through Box Lockers, Vented Box Lockers, Plastic Lockers, and Cell Phone Lockers. These lockers are ideal for various locations, such as restaurants, kitchens, retail, supermarkets, and other areas where employees can store their belongings.

Retail and food service lockers are available in different styles and colors to meet your needs, making your space functional and attractive. Most units are in stock and can be shipped within a few days for your convenience.

Types of Retail and Food Service Lockers 

At Salsbury Industries, we offer different types of lockers that provide safety solutions for retail and food service businesses. Choose from a wide range of lockers, including standard metal, vented metal, bridge metal, wood, and plastic, to find the perfect fit for your retail or restaurant locker needs. Find the ideal retail and food service lockers based on your unique needs and references. Select lockers by color, number of tiers, style, and more.

Are you looking for locker options with hanging rods perfect for storing coats and other garments? Then Salsbury Industries has got you covered. Our lockers are ideal for various settings such as colleges, high schools, locker rooms, employee changing rooms, government agencies, and gyms. We also offer vented metal lockers that provide maximum airflow and visibility. No matter your locker storage needs, we have tailored options for you.


Metal Lockers for Retail and Food Service 

Explore different types of metal retail and restaurant lockers based on sizes, colors, and more. We offer a variety of metal lockers, including standard, wide box style, see-through, bridge, and more.

The 12" Wide Single Tier Standard Metal Lockers are constructed of 16-gauge steel and feature a durable powder-coated finish in gray, tan, or blue. Select from either 1-wide- or 3-wide units in 5- or 6-foot-high lockers. Each compartment measures 12" wide, 60" high, and 12", 15", or 18" deep.

While the 12" Wide Single Tier See-Through Metal Lockers are available in similar colors and size options. They are crafted from 16-gauge steel and feature a polycarbonate door panel that provides high visibility.

The 12” Wide Box-Style Vented Metal Lockers are perfect for food and retail service locations. They come with a durable powder-coated finish in gray, tan, or blue and are made of 16-gauge steel. These lockers are available 5 feet high and 6 feet high and in 1 or 3 wide units.

Bridge Metal Lockers for Retail and Food Service 

The bridge metal lockers make hanging and accessing garments quick and easy. Their easy-to-reach coat rods are what make these box-style lockers so popular. They are available in gray, tan, or blue with a durable powder-coated finish and a 16-box design.


Wood Lockers for Retail and Food Service 

Our retail and food service wood lockers are also durable, functional, and visually appealing. Our Designer Wood Lockers are constructed with industrial-grade particleboard and covered with durable high-pressure laminate.

You can choose from three different depth sizes: 18”, 21”, and 24”. Each option comes with compartments that are 13 and ¾” wide and 17” high, but with different depths. You can choose from a variety of finishes, including gray, blue, black, maple, cherry, or mahogany. Additionally, each option comes with a black name/number plate included.

For those looking to enhance the look of their retail or restaurant lockers, our premier wood lockers are elegantly designed with unmatched durability. Constructed of high-pressure premium laminate and industrial grade particle board, premier wood lockers offer ample space for personal storage needs and are ideal for employee break rooms.

Premier wood lockers come in 12-inch, 15-inch, and 18-inch widths and offer a variety of configurations to suit your needs. The decorative laminate finish is stain and scratch resistant and available in arctic white, winter fog, carbon mesh, silver teak, red oak and skyline walnut premium finishes. All locker doors feature European soft-close hinges and can be purchased with decorative hasps that can be used with padlocks, resettable combination locks, or electronic locks, giving you flexibility in securing your belongings.


Plastic Lockers for Retail and Food Service 

The Salsbury Industries plastic lockers are durable and strong. They are ideal for high-humidity environments like pool areas, gyms, restaurants, sports and athletic facilities. Made of high-grade ABS plastic, these water-resistant lockers are suitable for food service locations.

Find the perfect 12" Wide Triple Tier Plastic Lockers based on color and size. Get an attractive two-tone look with a dark gray body and compartment finish, available in gray, tan, or blue door finishes.


Cell Phone Lockers for Employees 

Allow your employees or customers to securely store their cell phones in the cell phone lockers made by Salsbury Industries. Choose from surface-mounted, recess-mounted, or free-standing cell phone locker enclosures. Cell phone lockers are front access and made of heavy-duty aluminum. These lockers have different door configurations to accommodate the number of individuals in your business.

Questions About Retail and Food Lockers? Contact Us Today 

At Salsbury Industries, we take pride in providing exceptional customer support, speedy lead times, and unbeatable discounts on bulk orders. Our high-quality, factory-direct retail and food lockers have been trusted by customers since 1936. Contact us today to request a quote and learn about Salsbury Industries' commitment to excellence.



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Questions & Answers

Retail Lockers & Food Service Lockers

What are retail lockers and why are they needed?

A retail locker is a dedicated space for employees to store their personal belongings during work hours. Salsbury Industries carries a complete line of quality retail lockers like metal lockers, wood lockers, plastic lockers and cell phone lockers.

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What types of locks can be used for retail lockers?

Retail lockers come in several designs, some with built-in locks that require a key or combination, and others with a space where a padlock can be placed. Electronic locks are also available for retail lockers.

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What are the best lockers for retail staff to store their belongings?

Smaller lockers such as box style lockers are typically ideal for the retail staff depending on the work environment. Box style lockers allow for a larger number of lockers using less space, which is usually at premium in retail locations.  Vented metal lockers are good for employees who need some airflow for their belongings.

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Are see-through lockers good for retail applications?

See-through lockers are available for retail applications where it is important to be able to view the contents of the locker without having to open the doors.  See-through lockers are available in 12”W, 15”W, and 18”W configurations.

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