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12" Wide Plastic Lockers


More Info About 12" Wide Plastic Lockers

Salsbury Industries offers standard plastic lockers in a gray, blue or tan door finish and a dark gray body and compartment finish providing an attractive two-tone appearance. Constructed of high grade plastic, Salsbury plastic lockers are water resistant and combine strength and durability and are ideal for pool areas, restaurants and gyms. Double tier lockers are designed for storage of full length garments and larger items. Four tier and five tier lockers are space saving units and are ideal for smaller items like lunches, purses and other small items. All locker doors are 12-3/4” wide and include stainless steel hinges and a stainless steel hasp. Standard plastic lockers are available in one wide or three (3) wide units and as unassembled or assembled units. A variety of options are available for standard plastic lockers including padlocks, compartment shelves, sloping hoods and engraved placards.