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Buyer's Guide



How many locker openings do you need?

The first step in selecting a locker is determining how many lockers are needed for the
project.  Determine whether individual lockers are needed or whether lockers will be
shared.  Another consideration is the amount of wall and/or floor space available for the lockers.


What type of locker compartment do you need?

Lockers are sold in tiers which refer to the number of locker doors in a vertical configuration.   Most lockers are available in single tier through six tier configurations.  Single and double tier lockers are ideal for storing full length garments and equipment and can be used for most storage applications. Triple tier through six tier lockers are space saving units and are suitable for smaller items like lunches, purses and other personal items.


What style of locker do you need?

Lockers are available in a variety of materials and styles. Metal lockers are the most common and can be ordered with solid doors or vented doors. Wood laminate and solid oak lockers are generally used in health and country clubs and areas where a professional environment is desired. Plastic lockers are typically used in areas with high humidity like pool areas, restaurants, gyms and shower rooms.

What type of locking mechanisms do you need for the lockers?

Most lockers are designed for padlocks. Padlocks are available in both keyed or combination styles. Lockers can also have locks built in to the doors and are available in keyed, combination or electronic styles.


Do you need assembled or unassembled lockers?

Metal lockers are available as unassembled or assembled units. Unassembled lockers typically ship within 24 to 48 hours and are a great option when lockers are needed on site quickly. If resources are limited for your project, expert locker assembly is available. Assembled lockers also ship quickly.




View a locker brochure for your specific application: