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The Best Cell Phone Lockers for Your Classroom

June 23, 2022

Cell phones are wondrous pieces of technology. Not only can we use them to make calls, but for timers, alarms, messaging, browsing the Internet, and more. These phones can become a huge distraction during school hours. Teachers are constantly battling students’ cell phones for their students’ attention. One might think the children could just leave their cell phones at home, but many are dependent on using them to coordinate rides with their parents among other things. The ideal way to deal with this problem is to store the phones in cell phone lockers.


Benefits of Storing Cell Phones During Class


Cell phone lockers are a secure way to keep students’ cell phones safe and locked away during school hours. This way, students won’t have to worry that their phones might be stolen. Each student will have the security of having their own personal cell phone locker.


If a student has their cell phone on their person during class, it is very likely that they’ll become distracted by texting or surfing the Internet. Cell phone lockers take away that temptation so students can focus on their studies.


Which Cell Phone Storage Locker is Right for Your Classroom?


Once you’ve chosen to get cell phone storage lockers for your classroom, it can be difficult to decide which one would best suit your classroom’s needs. Fortunately, Salsbury Industries offers a complete line of cell phone lockers. There are surface mounted lockers, recessed mounted lockers, and custom lockers. Here is more information about our different types of cell phone lockers.



Surface Mounted Cell Phone Lockers for Classrooms


Surface mounted refers to units that mount directly to a surface. They are ideal for middle school and high school classrooms. They come with 8” deep compartments and with a variety of numbers of doors. Units accommodate cell phones, wallets, keys, and other small valuables. They are made entirely of heavy-duty aluminum, assuring that items inside are safe and secure. These cell phone lockers feature a durable powder coated finish available in aluminum, bronze, and sandstone. Each locker door includes a clear plastic cardholder (card included) where you can print each student’s name.


Cell phone lockers can come with master keyed locks or resettable combination locks. Master keyed locks include three keys and allow access to all compartments with a master control key. Resettable combination locks can be set to a fixed combination or a combination that can be reset after each use. A master control key is available for resettable combination locks that will override the combination and open the locks.


Recessed Mounted Cell Phone Storage Lockers 


Recessed mounted refers to units that fit into a rough opening and are secured with mounting hardware through the back or side panels. They are ideal for classrooms and yoga and dance studios. Like the surface mounted cell phone lockers, these come with 8” deep compartments and with a variety of numbers of doors. They are also made of heavy-duty aluminum and feature a durable powder coated finish available in aluminum, bronze, and sandstone.


The rough opening for recessed mounted units is 1” less than the unit's width, 1” less than the unit’s height, and equal to the unit’s depth. The unit fits into a rough opening and is secured with mounting hardware (not included) through the back or side panels. The lockers include a fully integrated flanged collar that fits over the rough opening. As with the surface mounted cell phone lockers, these units come with a clear plastic cardholder for each door and keyed or combination locks.




Salsbury Custom Cell Phone Lockers


If our selection of surface mounted and recessed mounted cell phone storage lockers don’t meet your needs, Salsbury Industries also offers custom cell phone lockers. These come in a wide array of colors and configurations. They are available in four different locker door sizes and each aluminum door includes a five pin cylinder cam lock with three keys or a built-in resettable combination lock.


Like the surface mounted and recessed mounted lockers, these have a clear plastic cardholder and card for each door to identify each student’s name. They come in the standard aluminum, bronze, and sandstone but several more colors are available upon request.


Convenient Way to Installing Cell Phone Storage Lockers



If installing a surface mounted or recessed mounted cell phone locker seems like too much of a hassle, you can purchase a free-standing cell phone locker enclosure. They are made of heavy-duty aluminum. The Salsbury 19900 series free-standing cell phone locker enclosures are designed to accommodate Salsbury 19100 series recessed mounted cell phone locker units. Free-standing cell phone locker enclosures provide a convenient way to install cell phone lockers in locations where a surface or recessed mounted application is not desired or available.


Free-standing cell phone lockers feature a durable powder coated finish in the same three standard colors as the cell phone lockers so they will match. Recessed mounted units fit easily into the fully assembled enclosure with mounting hardware (included). 




Do Cell Phone Lockers Store Tablets and Laptops? 


Salsbury cell phone lockers are able to fit tablets and laptops with units that have the larger “B” size doors (13” W x 5-1/4” H). Just check the product description to see if a unit includes “B” doors or if it only has the smaller standard “A” size doors (6-1/2” W x 5-1/4” H).  A good way to ensure that you have the door sizes and space you need is to order a custom cell phone locker.


Where to Buy Cell Phone Lockers for a Classroom? 


Now that you’ve become familiar with the different types of cell phone lockers that Salsbury has to offer, you are ready to select and purchase the ones that will keep your students’ cell phones secure and out of their hands during class. Click here to find the perfect cell phone lockers for your classroom.