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Salsbury Locker Blog

Salsbury Industries Fast Delivery of Metal, Wood, and Plastic Lockers

June 02, 2022

These days, supply chain issues have slowed down delivery times for most consumer products. This is a huge inconvenience for customers. They are kept waiting and waiting for their orders. If you are in the market for lockers, you will be glad to know that Salsbury Industries can guarantee fast delivery of metal, wood, and plastic lockers.


Salsbury has worked for nearly a century since its founding to offer customers red carpet service. Part of that service is fast delivery of products. Here’s why it’s essential to get your lockers in a timely manner, how we are able to deliver lockers so quickly, and how long delivery will typically take for each product.


Why is it so important to get your lockers fast?


Here are some of the reasons why fast locker delivery is crucial. One is that your lockers could be damaged.



Our metal lockers are made of heavy-duty steel, but no locker is indestructible. Doors can get dented, shelves can get bent due to overloading, and school kids might vandalize the lockers. It is very important to be able to replace damaged lockers as quickly as possible, especially if you’re a gym owner.


Quick delivery is also essential if you are a contractor. Contractors need to meet their deadlines when building a facility with lockers, be it a gym, country club, or school. If the lockers ship late, it will delay the building process.


Gym owners and contractors aren’t the only people who would be inconvenienced by sluggish locker delivery. Lockers and cell phone lockers are a storage solution.

If customers don’t have the lockers on-site, they leave their belongings at risk of being stolen. This is bad for business in some cases since it leaves customers feeling unsafe.


How is Salsbury Industries able to deliver my lockers so quickly?


With the supply chain issues other companies are experiencing, how is it that Salsbury Industries has continued to guarantee fast delivery of metal, wood, and plastic lockers? Salsbury has 600,000 square feet of facilities and is, therefore, able to keep a large inventory of metal and plastic lockers and locker benches on hand. Whether you’re in the market for metal or plastic lockers, Salsbury is more than likely to have the product you’re looking for in stock.


Salsbury Industries can manufacture, store, and distribute products at an incredibly fast rate thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and operations. Our manufacturing and warehousing facilities are vertically integrated and ISO 9001:2015 Certified. Our machinery and capabilities include wood cutting, powder coating, laser cutting, robotic welding, CNC machines, and engraving machines. 


Our expansive facilities and cutting-edge machinery allow us to get your lockers to you quickly in time to meet your deadlines. In the next section, we’ll discuss what the different lead times are for specific products.


What are the lead times for Salsbury Lockers?



Different products will be delivered in different amounts of time, though no product will generally take longer than a few weeks to be delivered. Salsbury metal lockers are designed for heavy-duty use and storage. We will typically ship unassembled metal lockers in just one to two business days. Assembled metal lockers, on the other hand, will generally take one to two weeks.


If you want to give a luxury feel to your gym locker room, wood lockers may be a good fit for your facility. Our wood lockers are made of durable materials that won’t fade over time and require very little maintenance. The typical lead time for these lockers is one to two weeks.


Our line of plastic lockers is designed to be used in gyms, pool areas, restaurants, and other high-humidity environments. Similar to our metal lockers, unassembled plastic lockers typically ship in just one to two business days, while assembled plastic lockers take one to two weeks.


Cell phones can become a huge distraction during school or work hours, so it’s important to have a place to put them that keep students or employees feeling safe. The ideal way to deal with this problem is to store the phones in cell phone lockers. The general lead time for cell phone lockers is two to three weeks.


Lockers are not the only aspect you need to consider when designing a locker room. Benches provide guests with a comfortable place to sit and get changed and make the locker room look more professional and attractive. After you order, we will ship your locker benches in just one to two days.


Whether lockers in your facility have been damaged or you’re building a new facility with lockers, you need to be able to receive your lockers quickly. Salsbury Industries is famous for its red carpet service and will make sure you receive your lockers in a timely manner. Click here to buy the lockers you need and they’ll arrive in time to meet any deadlines you may have.