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Why Use Plastic Lockers for Swimming Pools

July 21, 2022

Most community pools provide their guests with lockers to store their belongings. These lockers are often located next to the pool or in a separate locker room.

Lockers at a community or recreational pool are often exposed to high-humidity and high moisture environments – especially indoor facilities with heated pools. When moisture and humidity mix, mold and mildew can begin to grow and lead to an unsanitary environment for your guests.

To equip your patrons with a clean and sanitary locker room your facility could benefit from using plastic lockers. Plastic lockers can withstand the moisture and humidity common in pool environments. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of purchasing lockers for pool areas and why plastic lockers might be best.

Why You Need Lockers At a Swimming Pool

Swimming typically requires pool-goers to change out of their clothing to get into something more appropriate for swimming. Upon doing so, they often need somewhere to store their clothing and other possessions. Without a pool locker available, these patrons may simply place their items on a chair near the pool. This puts their belongings at risk of getting wet in the moist environment.

Leaving possessions out while you swim also gives other people the opportunity to take or go through your belongings. That’s a primary reason why most pools offer locker storage for their pool users.

Where To Put Swimming Pool Lockers

Swimming pool lockers can be placed in a variety of places throughout your facility. Some organizations choose to put their lockers near the pool, while others have lockers located within the changing room. Which location is ideal depends on the type of pool facility being operated.

In most cases, it makes the most sense to have lockers within a locker room that doubles as a changing room or shower room. By placing your lockers in such a space, you provide guests with the opportunity to store their non-pool clothing in the same place where they are changing their clothes. This removes the need to carry clothing and other belongings to a separate area for storage.



Poolside lockers are a common alternative to changing room lockers. Having lockers next to the pool makes them more accessible to the pool’s users, allowing quick access to possessions such as smartphones and towels for example. Though, if there are no lockers in the changing room, visitors must carry their belongings into the changing room after retrieving them from their lockers. This adds an additional step that may be perceived as inconvenient in some instances.

Fortunately, your facility does have the option to install both poolside and changing room lockers. Yet, this is only suggested if you have the space to do so. Most of the time, installing lockers in your facility’s changing room makes the most sense. Although, some organizations prefer the flexibility offered by having multiple swimming pool locker locations.

Why Use Plastic Lockers for Swimming Pools

As stated previously, pool lockers need to be capable of standing up to warm and moist conditions. Plastic lockers are suitable for the job. The plastic used to make high-end lockers is not only capable of resisting water damage and corrosion, but also highly durable and able to withstand minor impacts. Here are more specific details about what makes plastic lockers the best option for swimming pools:

Mold Resistance

Plastic lockers are resistant to moisture which is extremely beneficial since pool locker rooms experience a significant amount of moisture every day. Using a high-grade plastic locker allows pool facilities to maintain a clean and safe environment without the need for constant application of mold removal solutions. Salsbury plastic lockers will not accumulate mold providing a more sanitary environment.


Moisture is the primary enemy when it comes to maintaining a sanitary and aesthetically pleasing locker environment. As with mold, too much moisture can also cause metal lockers to rust over time. As water pools around lockers or inside of them, rust and corrosion can begin to form. This can be an issue that impacts the aesthetic feel of your facility. By choosing plastic lockers instead, you can completely eliminate this risk, ensuring that your lockers last long and look great. 


Minimal Maintenance

Plastic lockers typically require less maintenance than other pool lockers. They don’t often show scratches so there is rarely a need to repaint them. The color on plastic lockers is designed to stay consistent over time as well. Therefore, choosing plastic pool lockers will allow you to keep a good appearance in your pool facility for a long time.

Best Plastic Lockers to Purchase for a Public Swimming Pool

Now that you know why you need swimming pool lockers and more specifically, ones that are made of plastic, you can start shopping for lockers that suit your needs. When choosing lockers, you always want to select units that are manufactured using high grade plastics. You also need to ensure that each locker offers enough space to fulfill the needs of your typical users.



To ensure that you have the right amount of space, select lockers that have a suitable number of tiers. The plastic locker offerings at Lockers.com range from two tiers to ten tiers that span one foot in width and 73 inches in height. The two tier models feature a total of two individual lockers, while the ten tier lockers feature ten individual lockers. Of course, more tiers means less space for each individual locker.

Double, triple and four tier plastic lockers are large enough to allow users to hang their clothing from a hook or hanger within the locker. This can be helpful, because some people prefer storage that allows them to keep their clothing from getting wrinkled. Similarly, five, eight and ten tier plastic lockers allow users to store small belongings such as cellphones, wallets and keys.

Where Can You Buy Plastic Lockers For Swimming Pools?

Plastic lockers offer strength and durability that is perfect for pool facilities. If you are interested in purchasing a set of lockers for your pool, the best place to do so is Lockers.com. We carry lockers ranging from two to ten tiers, meaning there is great variety in what you can purchase for your facility.

We also have a great selection of benches to be used throughout your locker room. To find out more about our selection of lockers and benches, visit this page. Once you’re done, you can purchase or request a quote through our website.