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Why You Should Invest In Safe and Secure Lockers For Your High School

April 17, 2023

You may think of high school lockers purely as a place for students to store their bags and keep track of their books. But they have far more potential than that. Students spend a decent portion of their lives at school, and lockers provide them with a comfortable home base to return to throughout the day.

School lockers have been a mainstay at high schools for decades, and for good reason. These days, students are under more stress than ever, and it’s essential that they have a place to call their own at school. Lockers can also help to instill some important qualities in a teen’s life.

Why Quality Lockers Are So Important

There are many benefits to having quality lockers in your high school. The biggest one is security. In this age of ever-developing technology, teens bring several valuable items with them to school like cell phones, tablets, and laptops. Students need quality lockers where they can store these expensive items without fear of them being stolen. This cuts down on kids’ stress as well.

Lockers also contribute positively to students’ health. Bookbags can get very heavy when teens have to lug around all their books from class to class. With a locker, a student only has to carry what they need for one class instead several, saving strain on their back and neck.

When a student has their own locker, it gives them some much-needed privacy in a school crowded with students. Lockers also give students a chance to express themselves with photos, posters, stickers, and other decorations.

Having a high school locker can foster independence and a sense of responsibility in teens as well. Having their own combination or key to their locker will help a student feel responsible for their belongings. This will increase their self-awareness and confidence.

It is incredibly important that you give your high school students a chance to enjoy these benefits and more with safe and secure lockers. Providing these quality lockers will reflect well on your administration team and help your school to run more efficiently.


What To Consider When Purchasing High School Lockers

Now that you know what quality lockers would add to your high school, there is a lot to consider when purchasing them. Here are some of the characteristics you should be thinking about during the purchasing process.


An important aspect of locker purchase is size. Smaller lockers are a great fit for younger students, but high schoolers tend to require more space since they have a lot more schoolwork and things that are needed throughout the day. You also need to keep in mind the amount of space you have available to install the lockers.


It can be difficult to decide on the material for your school’s lockers. Metal lockers are considered the standard for schools and are very durable.


As you’re getting ready to purchase, don’t forget about your lockers’ primary function—keeping students’ belongings safe and secure. Salsbury Industries high school lockers support a variety of locking mechanisms including padlocks, built-in locks, and electronic locks.


Depending on where you planning to install your lockers, you may require ones that allow for better airflow and visibility. If you are planning to put the lockers in a locker room, vented lockers would be a better option than standard ones.


It is an investment to choose the lockers that will best suit your needs. Part of that investment is the level of maintenance the lockers will require. This could impact the material you select.


When purchasing lockers, you need to consider your budget. Metal lockers tend to be less expensive than ones made of other materials and are ideal for volume purchases. Salsbury Industries offers a wide range of high school lockers at affordable price points.


Most Secure Lockers For Your High School

As said, the most important function of the lockers you purchase is security. So, you’ll want to procure the most secure lockers you can for your school. Our high school lockers are constructed of 16 gauge steel that is sure to keep your students’ belongings safe. Salsbury high school lockers come in a blue, gray, or tan powder coated finish and are available as assembled and unassembled.

Here are the types of Salsbury Industries designed to fit your school’s requirements.

Standard Metal Lockers

We carry a wide variety of standard metal lockers, including single tier 6’ H standard lockers, double tier 6’ H standard lockers, triple tier 6’ H standard lockers, box style 6’ H standard lockers, and extra wide standard lockers. Double tier lockers are commonly used in the hallways of schools but high schools with a higher number of students will require triple-tier lockers.

Vented Metal Lockers

Salsbury Industries also offers vented lockers and extra wide vented lockers. As mentioned, these lockers provide better airflow and visibility and are perfect for gym locker rooms.

Open Access Lockers

Like vented lockers, open access lockers allow for better visibility and airflow. They also provide more space and are another great option for gym locker rooms.

Cell Phone Lockers

Cell phone lockers are smaller lockers that allow teachers to avoid student distraction during class. They are perfect for use in high schools to accommodate student and staff cell phones, cameras, tablets, keys, wallets, and other small valuable items.


Where To Buy Quality High School Lockers

Now that you know why it’s so important to invest in quality lockers, what to consider when making your purchase, and the different types of the most secure high school lockers available, you are ready to buy your school’s lockers. But you may be wondering where the best place is to purchase them.

No matter what type of lockers your high school requires, Salsbury Industries is sure to be able to provide ones that will perfectly fit your needs. Our high school lockers come in a variety of sizes and styles to choose from. You are bound to find lockers at lockers.com that fit in well at your high school and give teens a durable place to store their belongings.

Click here to select the perfect lockers for your high school that will make your students feel safe, secure, and independent.