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Salsbury Locker Blog

Basic Guidelines for Establishing a Gym or Fitness Club Locker Room

January 25, 2024

With all the stress and hard work that goes into establishing your own gym or fitness club, aspects like the lockers for your locker room can sometimes be overlooked. People are there to work out, after all—isn’t the atmosphere and equipment far more important than the room where you get changed?


But the locker room is a vital part of any gym or fitness club. It is the first part of your establishment that members will see and will leave a lasting impression. This is the place where members will amp themselves up for the workout ahead, and wind down afterward. It is pivotal that your gym locker room is a welcoming, relaxing space that will leave your members wanting to return to your facility again and again.


In establishing your gym locker room, you may have a hard time figuring out what you need to focus on. Here’s a set of basic guidelines that will help you along the way as you establish your gym or fitness club locker room.


Locker Room Floor Plan

Deciding on your gym locker room layout can be tricky since you want to achieve maximum utilization of the space without sacrificing your members’ comfort. First, you need to decide exactly how large or small your locker room will be. There aren’t any industry standards on locker room square footage, but a good rule of thumb is to dedicate ten to fifteen percent of the facility’s overall square footage to your locker room. This percentage can vary based on a variety of other factors, like your gym’s demographics and membership cost.


Once you’ve determined the locker room’s size, you can focus on making sure that there is a good flow through the locker room and that the lockers and locker benches won’t get in anyone’s way. It’s also important to think about fire safety and handicap accessibility. Click here to learn more about Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) locker requirements. Salsbury Industries metal lockers and wood lockers can be customized to conform to the ADA locker requirements for accessibility and usability.


Salsbury also provides a complete library of Locker Revit files and Locker SPECS to help make the locker room design process easier. We offer additional product information as well as installation instructions and technical drawings. Check out these architectural resources here.


Locker Configuration

Another factor in the process of establishing a gym or fitness club locker room is locker configuration. This refers to the number of lockers needed and the size. You will want to consider the width, height, and depth of each locker that would best suit your space.

There is a lot to think about here. Will your locker room include benches or cell phone lockers? Don’t forget about ADA accessibility. It is very important that you take the time to measure everything exactly so you don’t end up with lockers that won’t fit properly in your locker room.

Salsbury Industries gym lockers come in a wide variety of sizes. No matter what your needs are, with Salsbury, you are sure to find the perfect lockers for your gym locker room.


Locker Material


There are a few different types of locker materials available and it can be difficult to determine which one will suit your gym locker room best. Here are some of the options you have to choose from:


Wood Lockers

Wood is the most popular locker material for gyms and fitness clubs. Salsbury carries a complete line of high-quality wood lockers. These lockers have a sleek-professional look to them that is perfect for a high-end facility. Our box style designer wood lockers include multiple locker doors that are stacked, which efficiently allows you to add more lockers per square foot and free up space. Designer wood lockers come in six colors and five different sizes, giving you a wide variety of options. Click here to check out our wood lockers.


Metal Lockers

Metal lockers are very affordable and come in standard and vented styles. See-through metal lockers are also available and have pexiglass windows for visibility. Salsbury metal lockers are high-quality and durable and will make a fine addition to your gym locker room. You can choose from colors like tan, gray, or blue to fit your design. Click here to peruse our metal lockers. We also carry metal cell phone lockers for small belongings, which you can find here.


Plastic Lockers

If your gym is going to have a pool and/or a humid locker room, plastic lockers might be the way to go. Salsbury plastic lockers are water-resistant and also have stainless steel hinges. They’re designed for optimal storage as well. They fit in well in gyms with a modern design. Click here to view our plastic lockers.




Locker Color Finish

Once you’ve decided on your floor plan, locker configuration, and locker material, you are ready to start thinking about what color you want your lockers to be. You want to make sure that the look of your locker room fits in with the aesthetic of the rest of your gym or fitness club. Look for a color that will make your members feel happy and relaxed in your locker room.

Locker color finish can help you to choose your locker material as well if you haven’t done so already. If you’re looking for a wide variety of color options, there are several available for Salsbury wood lockers. Our standard colors are gray, blue, black, maple, cherry, and mahogany. We also offer an extensive array of custom color options. Our metal and plastic lockers are available in clean, neutral colors like tan, gray, or blue.

Lock Options for Security

When a member of your gym or fitness club makes use of your locker room, it is absolutely crucial that they feel like their belongings are safe and secure. People often come to the gym directly before or after work and have valuable items like laptops with them, and every member these days will have a cell phone. It wouldn’t look very good for your gym if members’ things were stolen due to a lack of security.

Fortunately, Salsbury Industries is able to provide you with locks that will protect your members’ things while they work out. Different locks are available depending on the locker material you choose. With wood lockers, you can purchase resettable combination locks that can be set to a fixed combination or one that can be reset after each use and can be accessed by a master control key. Electronic, programmable locks are also available, as well as combination padlocks and key padlocks.

The same options are also available for metal lockers, as well as built-in combination locks. For plastic lockers, you can purchase combination locks or key padlocks. While metal lockers have the most lock options, you can be sure that all of these locks will provide the security your members need.


Establishing your gym locker room can seem daunting, but hopefully, these guidelines will help you as you work to give your members a space that will make them feel relaxed and comfortable. When it comes time for you to purchase your lockers, Salsbury Industries will be there to provide you with just the right lockers. Click here to check them out today.