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What Lock is best for Your Lockers?

October 31, 2022

Although we don’t like to admit it, even the safest schools, offices, and gyms have a certain amount of theft. Most districts start requiring locks on their hallway lockers in Middle schools for this very purpose. Putting the best locks on your preferred lockers offers security for your belongings and peace of mind.

6 Locker Types that Could Pair Well With These Locks

There’s no doubt that durable locks offer a measure of security to our life. Lockers.com sells electronic locks with number keypads, resettable combination locks with master key access, master keyed locks, and built-in combination locks for locker doors. How do you choose the best lock for your locker with so many locks out there?

How do you choose which lock to use on your locker?

Each lock comes with its own set of benefits, as does each type of locker. Matching the proper lock to your locker is vital to optimizing your locker’s strengths and protecting your belongings. Rather than giving you the facts and leaving you to your own devices, we have formed a list of six locker designs and locks that may be a best fit for each.

Standard Metal lockers

Our standard metal lockers are available in three different widths – 12”, 15”, and 18”, and varying depths. Each size is available in several different tiers and configurations and three different finishes – tan, gray, and blue. Each is built sturdy, being constructed of heavy duty 16-gauge steel.

These lockers come in up to six possible configurations. Every configuration is not available in every size. Standard metal lockers are available as single tier, double tier, triple tier, four-tier, box style, or box style bridge configurations.

The number of tiers refers to the number of lockers stacked upon one another vertically. Single tier lockers are merely a single locker standing five or six feet tall, depending on the chosen height. There may, however, be several lockers across in a single tier, as the number does not affect the horizontal count, only the vertical.

A double-tier locker has two lockers vertically. A triple tier has three vertically, and a four-tier locker has four vertically. Box-style lockers have practically square doors.

Lastly, box-style bridge lockers are formed like a wide doorway or two walls with a bridge over the top. They have a closet rod situated between the two interior sides for the convenient hanging of things like coats, jackets, and sweaters. The box-style bridge locker configuration is only available at the height of six feet and the depth of 18”.


…And Their Locks?

When it comes to standard metal lockers, the combination lock could be a good addition. This style of locker is typically found in schools and colleges. Built-in combination locks are simple to open. With no key necessary, there are no keys to lose.

These locks do come with a master key, however. While the key is not necessary to open the lock, it provides another option for getting into the locker if the student gets locked out or on the rare occasion a locker needs to be searched.

Vented Metal Lockers

Vented metal lockers have small decorative metal grates on the front to ventilate the locker. They come in two sizes – 12” wide and 15” wide. They come in single, double, triple, four-tier, and box-style configurations. They are each available in the six-foot height and have the same three finishes as the other lockers. Those are gray, blue, and tan.


… And Their Locks?

Because vented metal lockers are typically found in athletic locker rooms, resettable combination locks  might be the best match. These locks carry the benefits of built-in combination locks that offer the ability to continuously reset the lock with new combinations. This is highly beneficial for community basketball courts, tennis courts, and other such places. Built-in combination locks might also work well this this locker type.

See Through Metal Lockers

Salsbury's next style of locker on the list of the top lockers is the see-through metal locker. These lockers are constructed with see-through polycarbonate windows. This allows easy viewing of the contents inside the locker but inhibits access. Of course, the only way to ensure there is no unwanted access is to make sure your locker is equipped with a lock.

See-through metal lockers are available in 12” and 15” widths and 12”, 15”, and 18” depths. They come in single, double, triple, and four-tier and box-style configurations. These lockers are available in a tan, gray, or blue finish.


… And Their Locks?

Popular with retail stores, restaurants, and other facilities where a quick view of the locker contents is desired, see-through metal lockers match up perfectly with two different lock styles. The popular combination lock is great since the staff can easily open them with only a code.

Another great lock for this locker style is the built-in keyed lock, which employees can open with their individual keys. These locks come with two keys, meaning one can be held in reserve in the office if the first key is lost, stolen, or forgotten at home.

Open Access & Gear Metal Lockers

Are you searching for lockers with a wide opening? Open access & gear metal lockers have 24” wide doors, and the lockers are vented. This makes them perfect for housing all the gear and dirty uniforms in locker rooms and fire departments. As a bonus, the door is not the only part of the locker that you can secure. Each of these lockers also comes equipped with a lockable footlocker.

The 24” wide open access standard metal lockers are 72” tall. They’re available in two depths – 18” and 24” deep. You can also purchase these in the standard three finishes.

The 24” wide standard gear metal lockers are six feet high. They are 24” deep. You can get them in any of the three colors, blue, gray, or tan that suit your needs.

Constructed of 16-gauge steel, as the other lockers are, the 24” wide vented gear metal lockers are also six feet high and 24” deep. You can purchase these lockers to fit any office décor, as they come in a tan, gray, and blue powder coated finish.


… And Their Locks?

There are three different locks that these lockers can incorporate. Because open access and gear metal lockers are perfect for basketball, baseball, and football locker rooms, combination locks are a good choice. The combination code can be changed with every school year.

A second lock that works well with these lockers is the combination padlock. This lock is versatile due to its U-shaped shackle, allowing it to fit nearly every latch in the industry.

The last lock is the keyed padlock. Not only is this padlock the least expensive option, but, as with the combination padlock, the locks and lockers can be rotated each year.

Premier and Designer Wood Lockers

Salsbury Industries' attractive premier wood lockers and designer wood lockers give an already professional atmosphere another beautiful piece of furniture that’s highly useable for security, convenience, and peace of mind.

These lockers are made of industrial grade particleboard covered with high-pressure laminate for a beautiful finish. Premier wood lockers are available in six premium finishes – arctic white, carbon mesh, winter fog, silver teak, red oak, and skyline walnut.  Designer wood lockers are available in six attractive finishes – gray, black, blue, cherry, maple, and mahogany.

They are available in 12”, 15”, and 18” wide. Each is available in single, double, triple, and four-tier and box-style configurations. Designer lockers are also available in a double-tier ‘s’ style.

Also available is a 24” wide open access designer wood locker. It is six feet high. Other than having the lockable footlocker, it’s open in the front. There is no door. This locker is available in 18” or 24” depths.

Lastly, we have custom designer wood lockers. You can order these in many different sizes and colors to meet your needs. Then, since each of these lockers is custom, you can mix and match to configure your lockers.


… And Their Locks?

Regardless of which designer wood lockers you choose, any of them can be fitted with the perfect lock. Being an excellent locker for upscale gyms, electronic locks are an ideal choice. Electronic locks allow gym members to set temporary combinations for one-time use and prevent them from putting their own locks on the lockers.

Designer Wood Gear Lockers

Designer wood gear lockers are available in one width, one height, and two depths. These are 24” wide, six feet high, and 18” and 24” deep. They come in six colors – blue, gray, black, cherry, maple, and mahogany. They only come in a single tier, but this single-tier comes complete with a lockable footlocker. Both lockers can also be equipped with locks.


… And Their Locks?

Also suitable for basketball, baseball, and football locker rooms, these lockers are well-matched with combination locks. Combination locks make the lockers easy to open. The combination lock code can also be changed at the year’s end.

Two other good locks for the designer wood gear lockers are the combination padlock and keyed padlock.


Choosing your lockers according to your needs and type of facility has its benefits. Choosing to use a lock on those lockers is vital to offer security and peace of mind to your staff, clients, or students. Picking your lock according to your locker style will expand those benefits and give your staff, clients, or students a better user experience.