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The Best Wood Lockers for Your Gym

September 07, 2022

A lot of gym owners overlook the importance of the lockers in the locker room. But they are the first and last part of the gym that your guests will see. The lockers play a profound role in the impression your guests will have of the gym as a whole, so it is pivotal that they are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. That’s where wood lockers come in.

Wood lockers will give the locker room a luxury feel that you would never get from traditional metal lockers. But you don’t have to worry about sacrificing durability for style. While upscale in appearance, wood lockers are made of durable materials that won’t fade over time and require little in the way of maintenance. These elegant lockers and the soothing atmosphere they provide will relax your guests before and after their workouts, enhancing their entire experience.

Here’s more information about the best wood lockers for your gym. Once you’re equipped with the knowledge you need, you’ll be ready to select the specific type of lockers and matching benches that will best suit your needs.

Different Types of Wood Lockers for a Gym

Salsbury Industries carries a complete line of beautifully crafted wood lockers that will provide your guests with the function and durability they need, as well as an added touch of class. They are available in single tier, double tier, double tier “S” style, triple tier, six tier box style, extra wide single tier, extra wide double tier, extra wide double tier “S” style, and open access lockers.

Read on to learn more about the different types of high-quality wood lockers available.


Designer Wood Lockers

No matter what your gym’s size requirements are, Salsbury Industries will be able to supply lockers that will perfectly suit your space. Our designer wood lockers are available in a wide array of sizes and styles. They come in 12”, 15”, and 18” wide. You can also order a custom designer locker with even more size options. The designer wood lockers are made of industrial-grade particleboard and covered with a high-pressure laminate that will ensure great durability and less maintenance for you to worry about.

Designer single tier, double tier, and double tier “S” style wood lockers will provide your guests with function and convenience. They are designed to be able to store full-length garments and larger items, so guests won’t have to be concerned with trying to cram their bags and clothes into a tiny space. If you’re concerned about the lockers taking up too much space, our designer triple tier wood lockers could be a good fit for you since they are space-saving units that are ideal for smaller items.


Open Access Designer & Designer Gear Wood Lockers

Salsbury Industries carries open access designer wood lockers in a variety of sizes as well. They are available in 18” and 24” depths. Like the designer lockers, they are also made of industrial-grade particleboard and covered with high-pressure laminate.

These lockers are unique in that they offer a large space for clothing, uniforms, and many other applications. Each one has an upper shelf with a top compartment that includes a door with a padlock hasp that will keep small, valuable items like wallets safe. They also have spacious foot lockers with hinged lids and padlock hasps where guests can secure their larger belongings. You can customize these lockers with exciting features like side panels, sloping hoods, several styles of keyed and combination locks, resettable locks, electronic locks and engraved number plates.




Premier Wood Lockers

If you are looking to create a truly sophisticated, upscale environment, our Premier Wood Lockers will help to complete the look you’re going for. Available in 6 contemporary colors, Premier Wood Lockers are constructed of Industrial grade particleboard and covered with high pressure laminate. Single and double tier lockers will give guests the space to store full-length garments and larger items.

You can choose from 3 locking mechanisms that include decorative hasps for padlocks, user-friendly combination locks, or modern electronic locks. These units are moisture-resistant and easy to clean, featuring European soft-close hinges and decorative interior finishes.

Wood Locker Benches for a Gym

When designing your locker room, the lockers themselves are not the only aspect you need to consider. Benches make the space more comfortable for guests, and also help to make the locker room look more professional and attractive. Salsbury Industries also carries wood benches that will match your new lockers perfectly and add to the upscale atmosphere while providing your guests with a comfortable place to get changed.

Designer and ADA Designer Wood Locker Benches

Salsbury designer wood locker benches come in a variety of sizes, so you won’t have to worry about whether they’ll fit your space. The benches are available in lengths ranging from 36” to 96” (in 1-foot increments). Each bench is 18” high and 9-1/2” deep, and the wood seating area is 1-1/4” thick. Like our lockers, they are also constructed of industrial-grade particleboard and covered with durable high-pressure laminate.

Salsbury Industries also manufactures ADA designer wood benches that meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) seating area requirements. They are very similar to our designer benches but are designed to be installed flush against a wall for back support. There are also ADA designer benches available with back supports that you can place in an open area and offer even more comfort to your guests. All ADA designer wood benches come in 42” and 48” wide lengths and each seating area is 18” high and 20” deep.




Wood Locker Benches

If you plan to include solid oak executive wood lockers in your locker room, our wood locker benches will be a perfect finishing touch. They are available in the same sizes as our designer wood benches. Salsbury offers ADA wood benches as well, with or without back supports. No matter what specifications you require when it comes to your gym, Salsbury Industries will be able to provide just what you need.

Keep Members Belongings Safe and Secure

One of your guests’ biggest concerns when it comes to their lockers is keeping their belongings safe and secure. After all, guests keep valuable items like wallets, laptops, and expensive clothing in their lockers. If they’re worried that those things could be stolen, they won’t be coming back to your gym anytime soon.

Salsbury Industries carries multiple locks that can be used with wood lockers. On this page, you can find a variety of strong, affordable locks that your guests will have faith in. Resettable combination locks are easy to use and don’t require guests to keep track of a key (though a master key can be used to access the locker in the event that the combination isn’t available). Electronic locks are also good for lockers used by multiple guests and are available in a silver or black finish.


Color Options for Gym Wood Lockers

You may be concerned that Salsbury wood lockers and benches won’t suit your gym’s color scheme. Part of the appeal of wood lockers is how lovely they look, and they won’t look very lovely at all if they clash with the aesthetic of the rest of your gym. Fortunately, you will have several color options to choose from.







Our designer and open access designer lockers are available in six attractive colors: gray, blue, black, maple, cherry, and oak. If you choose a custom designer locker, you will have an even more extensive selection of colors to choose from. The designer and ADA designer benches come in the same six colors as our designer and open access wood lockers, making it easy for you to match your benches to your lockers exactly. The solid oak executive lockers, meanwhile, are available in three elegant finishes: light oak, medium oak, and dark oak. With our wood benches, you can choose between a light or dark finish.

Where to Buy Wood Lockers for Your Gym


Now that you’ve learned about the different types of Salsbury Industries wood lockers and benches that are available, you are ready to begin furnishing your elegant locker room. All you need to do is visit Lockers.com and click “Wood Lockers” on the top navigation bar. Then select the type of lockers that would best suit your needs, and make any necessary selections on the product page. From there, it’s just a matter of adding the lockers and benches to your cart.

Some may not think the locker room is an important part of their gym, but you know better now. You’re just minutes and a few simple clicks away from buying the wood lockers and benches that will complete your gorgeous, relaxing locker room and give your guests a fantastic first impression of your gym.