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What to Consider When Purchasing Lockers for Your Police Station

May 06, 2024

Purchasing lockers for your police station is a process that requires careful consideration. After all, taxpayer funds are usually what is used to pay for renovations and upgrades, so you want to be sure to invest in high-quality lockers that will last a long time.


Considering that these lockers will be used several times a day over the course of many years, it is important that they are sturdy. They also need to provide a secure place for personnel to store valuable and often dangerous equipment. Not to mention that they store your team’s personal belongings throughout the workday as well. Another vital function of police lockers is that they keep your team’s gear organized so that they can spring into action at a moment’s notice.


With so many factors to think about, the prospect of buying lockers for your team can become a bit overwhelming. Here we will break down what’s most important when it comes to selecting the right police lockers and where you can find them. Here’s what to consider when purchasing lockers for your police station.


Law Enforcement Locker Sizes for Best Storage Solutions


The first aspect of your police lockers to consider is the size. You want to be sure that the lockers you order will adequately fit in the space—that way you can avoid any unnecessary return-related headaches later down the line.


How to decide what size lockers would be best for your police station? You’ll want to think about what exactly your police officers will be storing in these lockers. They can be used to store a variety of items and Salsbury Industries carries different styles to accommodate your storage needs. Metal lockers work well for personal belongings like a change of clothes while vented lockers are ideal for equipment like firearms and ammunition. Both types of lockers come in 12”, 15”, and 24” widths.


You will also need to consider the overall size of your locker room. Take measurements to determine precisely how much space you have available for the police lockers. Then you will be able to figure out your desired dimensions for the individual lockers.d


High-Quality Lockers for Police Stations



Salsbury Industries carries a complete line of police lockers, so no matter what your specific needs are, we will be able to help you find the right lockers for your police station. We offer standard, vented, and see-through metal lockers. They are constructed of 16-gauge steel and are designed for heavy-duty use and storage. Vented lockers offer maximum ventilation (which we’ll discuss more below) while standard metal lockers will give officers more privacy. See-through lockers provide clear visibility so officers can quickly tell if everything is where it should be. Check out these lockers here.


While standard, vented, and see-through metal lockers work well for personal belongings, open access and gear metal lockers are great for heavy equipment. They provide easy access when you need to grab something quickly and have substantial space for bulky items. The lockers are available in a gray, tan, or blue powder coated finish. Learn more about our open access and gear metal lockers here.



Our open access designer wood lockers will add a real touch of sleek professionalism to your police station locker room and make your officers feel relaxed and at ease. They are 24” wide, 6 feet high, and are available with 18” or 24” depths, giving your officers ample space for their belongings and equipment. They are available in a gray, blue, black, maple, cherry, or mahogany finish and include a black name/number plate. You can check out these lockers here.


Lockers with Ventilation


As mentioned, our vented metal lockers provide maximum ventilation. But what exactly does that mean? Ventilation helps to prevent any odors or moisture from building up. This can be particularly useful when it comes to storing clothes and/or shoes. These lockers effectively combine visibility and maximum airflow with security. They are extremely durable and available in a gray, tan, or blue powder coated finish. Check out our vented metal lockers here.


Secure Locker Options


Police officers carry expensive and often dangerous equipment, so it is absolutely essential that you choose lockers with a high level of security. You also want your team to feel that their own personal belongings are protected throughout the workday.




You won’t need to worry about keeping your officers’ equipment and belongings secure with Salsbury Industries police lockers. Locks can be added to our lockers and even our open access lockers have individual compartments where locks can be added. We use heavy-duty materials and hinges for extra security.


We have several lock options available for our wood lockers. You can use resettable combination locks which can be set to a fixed combination or reset after each use, electronic locks that are programmable and allow for single-use or multi-use applications, combination padlocks, key padlocks, built-in key locks, and built-in combination locks. You can learn more about them here.

If you choose to go with metal lockers, you will have the same lock options available to you. So no matter what type of locker you select, you can rest assured that their locks will keep your team’s belongings safe and secure. Click here to learn more about our lock options for metal police lockers.


Customizable Wood Lockers for Law Enforcement


As you consider all these factors, you may realize that due to your officers’ needs or the demands of your space, you may need a lot of customization when it comes to your lockers. Fortunately, Salsbury carries custom designer wood lockers that will be able to meet your specific requirements. Ranging from one to seven tiers, you can order custom designer lockers in any combination of five heights (36”, 48”, 60”, 72”, and 84”), five widths (12”, 15”, 18”, 21”, and 24”), and five depths (12”, 15”, 18”, 21”, and 24”). They are available in six standard designer colors (gray, blue, black, maple, cherry, and mahogany) or a wide array of custom colors. You can find more information about our custom designer wood lockers here.


It can get overwhelming when purchasing lockers for your police station. You want to make sure the lockers will adequately suit the space as well as your officers’ specific needs. Now that you know the factors to consider during this process, you will hopefully be well-equipped to move forward. Click here to find the perfect police lockers for your team today.